Rock salt has begun forming about 256 million years ago and this natural treasure has been preserved very well up to date. Luckily, as the salt deposits generally form in remote rural areas, rock salt hasn't been affected by the urban cities environmental pollution.
The salt deposits in Çankırı, of which the Salti is mined today, is preserved from the time of Hittites and is one of the main rock salt reserves in the world.
According to the experts, the hardness of the table salt is closely related with its quality, And the hardness of Salti is nearly zero level. Today in developed countries, a conscious consumer prefers to buy the refined rock salt with the lowest hardness level which is the most healthy.
Salti is mined in rock salt deposits, which is the natural treasure, to create the most healthy and tasty salt, without being affected from exhaust gas, waste water and industrial pollution.
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