Salti  |  A pinch of ease on everything!

Put a cup of salt in the refrigerator to decrease the humidity and to make it cool better.
Defrost the frozen meat quickly by putting it into a cup filled with cold water and salt.

A handful of salt and some vinegar make it easy to clean the dirt at the bottom of the jug.
Before you deep fry something, put some salt in the frying pan to avoid the oil splashing around while frying.

You can put some salt in the bread basket to prevent your bread get moldy.
The stains like; oil, food, fruit juice or wine can be removed easily when you cover them up with salt as soon as they are spilled on the fabric.

To deodorize the odor of onion, garlic or fish in your hands, rub your hands with some salt and then wash with soap.
To keep the potatoes you peeled fresh, you can put them in a bowl of cold water and add some salt.

To clean better and remove the stench you can rub your sink with rock salt.
Rugs or carpets may become dull in time; you can rub them with a cloth damped with very salty water to make their colors shine again.

You can put your new broom in a bucket filled with water and salt for sometime to extend the time of usage.
To clean the vegetables effectively and quickly make the habit of washing them with salty water.

In order to make the pastry crustier, add some salt in it while baking.
The colored curtains and washable fiber carpets can be more shinny if you wash them with salty water.

If you add salt into the eggs water while you are boiling, you can easily peel of the eggshells afterwards.
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