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Salt's history goes back to millions of years; the elements sodium and chloride forms the salt. Since the beginning of civilization, for the health of mankind, salt has been such an important element of life.
The importance of the salt to the health of mankind is countless and the most significant benefit of salt is probably the property of stabilizing the fluids in human body. Moreover the adequacy of sodium in body fluids helps the nerves and muscles function in coordination. The amount of sodium needed for the healthy growth of a person can be obtained properly from salt as well.
Salt also contains another vital element for the needs of human health, Iodine. The deficiency of Iodine in human body may cause diseases like mental retardation, goitre. Having a stillborn child or a miscarriage, even having difficulty in comprehension or learning cretinism, these are all results of lack of iodine in body. The legal arrangements made for preventing the lack of Iodine in human body, necessitated that the salt which is going to be used on in food industry has to contain Iodine in our country. For this reason, selling iodineless salt for food industry is strictly prohibited in Turkey.
Salt also enables food products to be kept fresh and durable. Stable food like meat, fish, dairy products and vegetables can be preserved fresh with salt for a long time. Salt is also a sort of antiseptic which can take excessive formation of bacteria under control.
Salt is also an important input for various industrial sectors. We can take benefit of salt during fabric dyeing process in order to exhaust the resins? sodium for recycling. Besides these, salt is also used in food industry and medical so as to prepare the medical solutions.
What is Iodine? »»
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