Salti  |  Sa??ta her ?yin ?t?de!

Lack of iodine is the main cause of the curable mental deficiency. Also the goitre disease which is very common in our country is contracted with the lack of Iodine in body.
Difficulty in learning and comprehension, failure at school are common problems faced especially among school age children who have insufficient Iodine in their body.
The serious public health issue, Iodine deficiency can be prevented considerably by using Iodized salt.
Iodine defficiency may cause other diseases like;
During Pregnancy or Infanthood
Mental retardation
Loss of hearing
Skeletal Dysplasia known as Dwarfism
During Childhood or Youth
Growth disorder
Low mental capacity
Difficulty in learning and comprehension
Thyroid hormone deficiency
Low mental capacity
In order to keep Salti iodized and make effective use; be sure to keep it in a dry place and do not expose to direct light and add it on a cooked meal.
Use SALTI for a more healthy and clever future generation!
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