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Salt is an indispensable product for the living organisms. Once it is consumed through a food product it quickly starts to infuse the fluids inside and outside the cell, to control the formation of the acid and base equilibrium in the body. It also helps the nerves and muscles function properly. Normally a human being takes about 10-15 gr. of salt each day and this is a good evidence for the salts vital role on the human health.
Nowadays many factories of different industrial sectors are trying to increase their production quality in order to compete both in domestic and international markets. For the same reason our industry needs purified high quality salt. Endowed with the high technology Swiss machinery Med-Mar Tuz San. Tic. A.S., which is Turkey's the most modern facility working with the highest capacity, is able to produce the high quality salt that all industrial brands need.
After the tests and analysis PGS, the pharmacological, salt is proved to have the international specified boundary values.

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