Iodized refinery rock salt Salti, adds the spice to your life!

Salti,the rock salt, is produced with 100% purity and mined in the underground beds of Çankırı. High technology Swiss machinery is used to iodize the salt during the production and it is packed with special filling equipments.
The real rock salt Salti is formed by coarse crystals and this natural source of health and taste is served at your disposal with safety.
The rock salt is thought to have formed for about 256 million years ago, finest natural reserve the rock salt has been well-preserved to our date without being exposed to any environmental pollution; Salti's underground beds in Çankiri leads back to the times of Hittites; it is one of the most valuable mines of rock salt in the world.
According to the experts the quality of salt is directly related with its hardness level. Salti's hardness is almost at zero level. Today in many developed countries, the conscious consumers are careful when buying table salt in supermarkets. They are checking the healthiest salt which is the refined rock salt with minimum hardness.
The negative factors like exhaust gas, waste water and industrial pollution do not affect the rock salt mines as they are far away from the city and this long distance enables Salti to produce the healthiest and richest flavored salt in a pure natural environment.
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